The Deschênes Residents Association was founded by Lisa Mibach and members of the community who realized that in order to address issues through communication with the city of Gatineau, residents needed to have a voice through an association.

 The Association has the following objectives:

  • respond to Deschênes residents' issues
  • be the residents' voice with government authorities or other groups
  • protect and promote Deschênes' identity and quality of life
  • involve and inform its members in all aspects of local development
  • collaborate with other associations in sharing experiences and promoting quality of life for all citizens
 L'Association des résidents Deschênes a été fonder par Lisa Mibach avec des membres de la communauté après la réalisation qu'il faut une association pour pouvoir mieux communiquer avec la Ville. 

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Board Members / membres du conseil éxecutif

Howard Powles

Pierre Guérin
Lisa Mibach
 Elyse McCann
Martin Groulx